Global Business


Same World Trading provide “Procurement Solutions” for organisations aiming to source goods from around the globe. We have a well defined process behind the service which enables consistency and provides quantifiable outputs. read more


Consulting is often a misused word, with several organisations providing a nice “Strategy Paper” at the end of the exercise. What we offer are “Business Solutions”.
Our recommendations are pragmatic and present tangible results. We also offer professional assistance to implement those recommendations.
In all our assignments, we strive to achieve maximum value and an optimal strategic fit for our clients. read more


A Key essence for sucess in a new market is to identify the Right Partner. We appreciate the huge importance of this aspect and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort to get it right. There is NO substitute for Grunt Work and it is essential to meet the prospective partner, understand their technical capabilities, visit their manufacturing unit and assess the management team. read more